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Because even the best financial advice is not enough.

At The Money Conversation, we believe that in order to attain our financial and life goals, it is important to know how we relate to money on an emotional level. We call this our financial identity.

When we become acquainted with our financial identity, we can combine what we know about ourselves with information we receive from our advisors to become true fiduciaries to ourselves.  This means we can create and follow through on financial plans with integrity and success.

Financial advice relies on models and logic. But modern neuroscience tells us that human emotion is the final arbiter of financial decision making.  The Money Conversation addresses the emotional component of financial behavior to enable more effective and successful financial and life planning.

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Meet the Founder

The Money Conversation brings together Marlis Jansen’s experience in finance with her career as a therapist.

Managing a private philanthropic foundation and as a client of a multi client family office, she gained valuable insight into how people relate to money. This spans the gamut from multi generational family dynamics to portfolio management.

As a therapist, she is skilled at facilitating honest, authentic and profound process.

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Our mission is to identify and disrupt the relational drivers that get in the way of your financial freedom.

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