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The Money Conversation aims to help advisors better serve their clients.

We do this by competently and methodically addressing the emotional aspects of financial and legal planning.

Given the emotional nature of risk assessment, commitment and behavioral change, The Money Conversation works with clients to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency with which their financial and legal advisors are able to work with them.

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Our Tools & Techniques

We use a variety of tools and techniques with clients, including:

  • Money scripts and money disorders assessments
  • Family dynamics assessments
  • Targeted mindfulness techniques
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
“By 2020, elite financial advisors will be valued more for their behavioral governance than their technical skills.”

~ Bill Gates

Helping Your Client-Advisor Relationships

Tools and techniques for financial advisors and legal professionals
Helping you with your client-advisor relationships
Finding financial stability for professionals

Clients’ financial identities drive their relationships with advisors

True wealth management and good legal advice starts here.  This is emotional material, and The Money Conversation is here to help you build your relationship with your clients to be long lasting. Multigenerational.  A win-win for you and for them, because you really know them and they know that.

While there are a limitless number of relevant client scenarios where The Money Conversation can help, here are a few client profiles where The Money Conversation could enhance the client advisor relationship and help facilitate superior client satisfaction and effective planning:

  • A client is planning an estate, either for the first time or updating an existing estate plan and is concerned about what it will mean if (s)he leaves an inheritance for the children
  • A client has just come in to a large amount of money and is undergoing an identity crisis
  • A couple is planning a divorce and needs to address the emotional aspects of financial planning for the divorce
  • A client is overspending and the advisor wants to help them learn to use their resources sustainably
  • A couple can not plan their investment strategy because of differences in their risk tolerance.

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Our mission is to identify and disrupt the relational drivers that get in the way of your financial freedom.

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