For Couples and Families

The Money Conversation looks at each individual’s financial identity, as well as the process of forming a collective financial identity.

For couples and families, financial stress often results from individual financial identities clashing and not having a way to communicate about — and navigate through — such a situation.

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How Can The Money Conversation Help?

Helping couples and families with their financial life
Helping families and couples discover the source of your money stress
Resolve financial issues for couples

Successful couples and families form a collective financial identity

This is an intentional process that can be started at any time. Some parents talk about money with their children, but most do not.  It’s never too late to form a plan for how a couple or family wants to view and address their finances.

The Money Conversation can help you build constructive communication patterns and processes so that you can succeed both financially and relationally.

We can help couples and families:

  • Resolve financial stress that affects your relationships
  • Conduct effective family business meetings
  • Create healthy ways of communicating about money
  • Plan for healthy financial parenting
  • And much more

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Our mission is to identify and disrupt the relational drivers that get in the way of your financial freedom.

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