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Your relationship with money originates in early experience and is continually updated throughout your life.

Some of these changes happen subconsciously and others are conscious. The Money Conversation offers a variety of ways for you to consciously explore, choose and enjoy your relationship with money.

Discover Your Financial DNA

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Financial Identity Series

How you save money is a part of your financial identity
Live a happy financial life
Learn what your financial identity is

The Money Conversation Financial Identity Series is a short term exploration of the values, beliefs and circumstances that have informed your money thinking and behavior. It employs a variety of assessments and techniques aimed at getting a better understanding of who you are around money and why that is.

At the end of the process, you will have a snapshot of your financial identity as well as some ideas about ways that you can use this information.

Financial Therapy

At the crossroads of your financial identity
Marlis Jansen offers financial therapy
Get unstuck with financial therapy

In financial therapy, we look more deeply at the conflicts and issues that are revealed in the Financial Identity Series. The process is completely client driven, which means that it can focus on whatever you want to resolve.

“In our culture, money usually represents much more than dollars and cents. It’s tied up with our deepest emotional needs for love, power, security, independence and self-worth.”

~ Olivia Mellan

Collaboration With Advisors

The Money Conversation helps business professionals
The Money Conversation works with individuals, couples, families and their advisors
working with an advisor allows for more targeted and specific goal oriented work.

This is the most powerful way that The Money Conversation can help clients, because integration with advisory services allows for more targeted, specific and lasting goal oriented work.

For example, if a client is setting up a trust or contemplating a major change in investment strategy that requires a reallocation of assets, The Money Conversation can work with both client and advisor throughout the process.

Workshops and Events

Collaborative Work with Financial and Legal Advisors
The Money Conversation Events and Workshops
The Money Conversation offers live events for your company or team

The Money Conversation offers financial identity workshops!

Watch the calendar for a workshop in your area or contact The Money Conversation if you would like to offer a workshop to your family or employee group.

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Our mission is to identify and disrupt the relational drivers that get in the way of your financial freedom.

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