Stay close with those you love and use your wealth as a tool for empowerment, human connection, and productivity

The presence of wealth can disrupt our most treasured relationships and separate us from our purpose. The Money Conversation can help you avoid this or turn it around.

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Financial Identity Series

Marlis Jansen - Founder of The Money Conversation
Live a happy financial life
Learn what your financial identity is

The Money Conversation Financial Identity Series is a short term exploration of the values, beliefs and circumstances that have informed your money thinking and behavior. It employs a variety of assessments and techniques aimed at getting a better understanding of your relationship with money.

At the end of the process, you will have a snapshot of your financial identity as well as some ideas about ways that you can use this information.

Discover Your Financial DNA

Take a confidential free quiz to better understand your relationship with money.

Financial Wellness and Wealth Dynamics Coaching

At the crossroads of your financial identity
Marlis Jansen offers financial therapy

This is an opportunity to build awareness around and methodically address a variety of issues, including internal or family conflicts related to wealth, financial parenting strategies, values clarification, family meeting planning and more. The process is client driven, which means that its focus and duration are not pre-determined.

“In our culture, money usually represents much more than dollars and cents. It’s tied up with our deepest emotional needs for love, power, security, independence and self-worth.”

~ Olivia Mellan

Preparation of Heirs

working with an advisor allows for more targeted and specific goal oriented work.
Helping you with your client-advisor relationships
reduce stress and achieve their financial and life goals.

It takes time to understand and plan for an inheritance. Parental guidance and mentorship are key to healthy wealth transfer. Through our process, future heirs build financial and relational skills that support them to build a sense of stewardship and purpose for their financial resources.

“In our culture, money usually represents much more than dollars and cents. It’s tied up with our deepest emotional needs for love, power, security, independence and self-worth.”

~ Olivia Mellan

Financial Engagement

The Money Conversation works with individuals, couples, families and their advisors
How you save money is a part of your financial identity

Financial engagement coaching is a customized, curated process that combines financial skills training with motivational coaching. Skills alone are not enough. Clients must discover their own intrinsic motivation to gain the financial skills they need and to use them. When they know their “why”, they can be financially functional. In a family of wealth, this is an important element of being part of the family.

Financial Advocacy

Collaborative Work with Financial and Legal Advisors

During life transitions, people can be unexpectedly thrust into positions of financial leadership. Often they are totally unprepared for this. Whether it is caused by death, divorce, generational succession, or αnother significant event, we help our clients find their bearings, connect with their advisors and take control of their financial lives.


Your life experiences are an important part of your financial identity
The Money Conversation offers live events for your company or team

Research shows that successful families meet regularly to discuss the business of being a family. The Money Conversation offers structured facilitated meetings to help families clarify their purpose and values, educate their rising generation, establish and maintain family governance and create an innovative culture in which the family will thrive.

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Our mission is to identify and disrupt the relational drivers that get in the way of your financial freedom.

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