What is The Money Conversation?

It takes more than just sound financial advice to motivate healthy financial behavior.

The Money Conversation works with individuals, couples, families and their advisors to explore their relationship with money so that they can reduce stress and achieve their financial and life goals.

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Who Can The Money Conversation Help?

Looking for financial freedom
Collaborative Work with Financial and Legal Advisors
Sound financial advice and therapy for families and couples

The Money Conversation can be especially useful for people who:

  • experience relationship tension around money issues
  • are in the middle of a change in financial status
  • feel ashamed to think or talk about money
  • are undertaking an intensive planning process, such as estate planning or divorce
  • need to collaborate with family members in business or money management
“These individuals have riches just as we say that we ‘have a fever’ when really the fever has us.”

~ Seneca, 4 B.C. – A.D. 65

We Start Here

Marlis Jansen - Founder of The Money Conversation
reduce stress and achieve their financial and life goals.
Gain financial freedom and a life of happiness

We bring together the principles of behavioral finance with a variety of therapeutic modalities.

The work we do at The Money Conversation is inspired by gestalt theory, cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic theory.

At the heart of all of our tools and work are the following assumptions:

  1. The Client is the Expert.  Each client has all of the internal resources necessary to find actionable solutions for themselves.  At The Money Conversation, we serve as guides and catalysts.
  2. Awareness is Key. Much of the time, critical elements of the solution are occluded by personal history and experiences. As we acknowledge the occlusion, new possibilities can emerge.
  3. We Are Stronger Together.  As The Money Conversation is able to work with you and your advisors, we access creative ideas that might not have been available to any one party alone.

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Our mission is to identify and disrupt the relational drivers that get in the way of your financial freedom.

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