Your Financial Identity

Your financial identity is dynamic.  You can update it.  You just need to understand which levers to pull.

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Let’s break it down

Your personal values are an important part of your financial identity

Your Personal Values

These affect your entire identity including your financial identity. They come from multiple sources:  your culture, family, friends, coworkers and even friends of friends and coworkers.

Your Money Scripts

These are rules about money that you have internalized early in your life. Money scripts often come from family but can also come from other influential people in your life mentors.

Your life experiences are an important part of your financial identity

Your Life Experiences

These can also significant impact on how you relate to money.  There are endless examples of this including experiencing a business windfall, losing your job, getting married or divorced, having a child, engaging in philanthropic work, world travel and many others.

Your money personality is an important part of your financial identity

Your Money Personality

This describes your tendencies with money – are you a spender or a saver?  When you spend, how do you spend – on others?  On yourself?  Do you binge spend?  Do you avoid talking about money or financial planning at all costs?

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